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10-question survey starting at $399 not including the cost of testers
20-question survey at $499 not including the cost of testers
30-question survey starting at $599 not including the cost of testers
30-question survey, runs on your own web site
custom market research

TestSpin offers a wide range of products to fit your research objectives. Our automated system makes it easy for you to choose your industry and objective, the length of your survey, the type of questions you'd like to include, and the number of testers.

An important feature of the TestSpin survey tool is our robust database of more than 2,000 survey templates with tens of thousands of questions. TestSpin enables you to select questions, which become more detailed depending on the type of survey.

Reach hundreds or thousands of people in minutes
Low cost - spins starting at just $399
Easy enough for anyone to create and launch surveys and focus groups
Detailed, quality reporting shows your results
Download results for business reports or presentations
Get a leg up on the competition: our reports show how you compare to our industry averages (coming soon)

TestSpin’s innovative online market research system is a valuable asset for your customers who want to save time and money. Whether you are trying to attract new clients or would like to offer our services as an added bonus to your existing customers, TestSpin has the tools you need to help them evaluate products, services, ideas, and more through the Internet.

All this at no cost to you .

As an independent TestSpin representative, you will be able to create surveys and focus groups using our automated system or our custom services at a discounted rate. As a TestSpin reseller, you will have complete access to our client management tool, which enables you to manage your accounts and generate price estimates in minutes.

  • Cutting-edge technology backed by more then 20 years of traditional market research experience.
  • Quick turn-around -- in today's busy marketplace, your customers need to make important business decisions right away.
  • Access to a vast databse of testers, so your survey and focus groups are completed promptly.
  • Automated system that is convenient for you to use from any computer -- build surveys for your clients in four easy steps.
  • Affordably priced for any client -- TestSpin's product offerings fit any budget, from brief surveys to extensive custom research.

In order to receive your reseller discount, you need to complete a reseller application. Once your application is approved, you can start building surveys.